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Foursquare apk + data mod потому что android

Приложение позволяет пользователям находить и исследовать близлежащие места.

Foursquare is a mobile app that aims to revolutionize the way we discover and experience the world around us. Unlike traditional search engines that deliver generic results, Foursquare personalizes your search based on your unique preferences, ensuring you only see places you'll genuinely enjoy.

By learning your tastes – whether it's a specific penchant for "whiskey" or a broader interest in "outdoor dining" – Foursquare tailors recommendations to your exact desires. Whether you're searching for trendy restaurants, cozy cafes, buzzing nightclubs, or hidden gem stores, Foursquare becomes your personalized guide to the world's possibilities.

No matter where you are, Foursquare helps you uncover hidden treasures and insider tips, giving you an edge when it comes to planning your next outing. Discover new favorites near you or curate a list of exciting spots for your upcoming trip.

For extra inspiration, follow friends and influencers whose taste you trust. Their recommendations will be prominently displayed, offering a curated selection of places they've loved. Connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts allows you to see what nearby places your friends have enjoyed, adding a social layer to your exploration.

Ready to embark on personalized adventures? Download the updated Foursquare app and unlock a world that caters to your individual preferences. Remember, if you're looking to check in, connect with friends, and organize meetups, Foursquare's sister app, Swarm, is the perfect companion.

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Еда и напитки Android Применение

Обновленный Размер Устанавливает
24 ноября 2020 г. 12.41 MB 10,000,000+
Версия Рейтинг Объявления
4.4+ 3+ Contains ads
Цена Приобретение в рамках программы In-App
0 No
Версия Освобождение Изменения
11.19.0 Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Разработчик Категория
Foursquare Еда и напитки
Другое Foursquare Приложения
Приложение от Foursquare, которое позволяет друзьям делиться своими местоположениями и узнавать, где они находятся.